I whitelisted the WordFence IP address but Cloudflare is still blocking WordFence from adding my site


I just whitelisted the WordFence IP address in Firewall (I “Allowed” the IP address in my rules and then clicked on the event and told it to “Whitelist”) but Cloudflare is still blocking WordFence from adding my site. Any idea how to correct this?



Do you see wordfence getting blocked in the firewall rules event log? If so, check what “rules triggered” or “matches triggered” are. If not, then Cloudflare likely isn’t the one blocking Wordfence, and it’s something on the origin server.



Thank you for your reply. It says Action Taken “allow” next to each event in the event log, but WordFence Support is adament the issue is with CloudFlare.

I did log a Support ticket to only receive a reply telling me that “There have been a number of security events relating to this IP address which as caused you to hit a bad reputation.” Is it talking about my personal IP address of WordFences? I’m so confused.



It’s probably talking about Wordfence’s IP address.

I have Wordfence on a bunch of sites and it’s been working. At what part of the process is adding Wordfence failing?

As @Judge suggested, maybe the details of the Firewall Event can provide a hint as to why it’s blocked.

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