I was told services were free yet i got billed

I got incentives to leave my details ensuring me last month that the services were free and i would be billed $0.00 if i sign up for those services, i got a bill of $4.88 just moments ago.

Hi @thed0gsoldi3r,

Cache Reserve has no monthly fee, it does however have data caps that once you reach them you are charged for usage, please review the following: Cache Reserve · Cloudflare Cache (CDN) docs

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So it’s free unless i actually use it because the cache usage is from mass spam because i use cloudflares service, i never recieved mass cache spam until i went to cloudflare to begin with


Please visit our Support Portal at https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support, where you will have access to self-help resources tailored to your issue. Please remember to choose the relevant category (e.g. Billing, Account, or Registrar). If those guides don’t solve your problem, you can submit a ticket, and our team will address it as soon as possible.

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