I was setting up a domain, and want to take it back

Hi all, a while ago I was setting up a domain, but suddenly noticed one of my colleagues already defined it in his own CF account, so I want to take it back. I thought that after some time it would disappear from my panel, but it doesn’t look like so (it’s been there for a month).


I didn’t proceed with it, just left it on the Setup process right before choosing the payment plan (I don’t know how it may behave/collide with his configuration). Is there a way to make it disappear once and for all?


You can simply remove it, click on the entry, scroll down and pick “remove” from the right.

Thanks @sandro, but that only appears after I’d finish with the process, not during the setup process. Do you mean this won’t affect in any way other accounts’ configurations if I continue? Friday afternoon is a bad time to do this kind of stuff.

Ohh, you havent clicked through to the end? In that case simply continue with the setup and then remove it. That should neither affect your current domains in your account nor that domain in another account.

I do realise it is Friday and I won’t give you a 100% guarantee :wink: but still a good 99.984% one :smile:

Haha, I’ll then wait for a good Monday’s 100%, in that case.


:slight_smile: No, seriously, it should be pretty safe to remove it, unless there is some obscure glitch somewhere or some update rolled out today changed something.

But if you want to wait until Monday that works too of course, though I won’t provide a 100% on Monday either :wink:

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@sandro, everything crashed!!

Nah, kidding, it works as expected :rofl:


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