I was double-billed. What should I do?

I was double-billed for Domain Registration.
Attempt #1 (After I changed to the correct card#) - Was DECLINED by the Cloudflare system.
At that time, I clearly called Cloudflare and asked for assistance. I needed to renew because my Domain Registration was in arrears, and I had been fighting for the $10 bucks needed to pay for this for the last 10 days).
So plain and simple, I was DECLINED (when I shouldn’t have been)

In between Attempt #1 and Attempt #2, I turned OFF auto-renew.

Attempt #2 - was successful.

10 minutes later, I determine that I had been billed twice.

I would LOVE to include the domain name, my username, email address, etc… but I don’t want to ‘self-doxx’ like Reddit claims. It’s goddamn ridiculous.

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Are you seeing that you got billed twice on your payment method or just in Cloudflare?

Both in Cloudflare, and in my BANK.

I tried to make a payment, it was DECLINED.
So I turned off Automatic Payments (after checking my bank to make sure that nothing had gone through)
I even called for tech support: ‘Take a long walk off of a short pier’.

Then I pushed the button a SECOND time, and BAM it was processed twice.

#1). If something is declined DON’T charge me
#2) If something is approved DON’T charge me twice.

This is the community forum, we have no control over billing practices or your bank - email [email protected] which will open a ticket with the billing team who can look into this.


Enterprise customers have a phone support option, I suspect you contacted sales. Sorry for the reply, they do not normally include walking suggestions.

The #general:billing & #reliability:registrar team will review this post and if you open a ticket and share the number, they can communicate to with you on that ticket.

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