I was charged twice but it still says "Free Plan"

I was charged twice but it still says “Free Plan”

Yesterday, I opened a Cloudflare account for the first time and purchased a subscription to “Network Services / Pro”. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted my domain after adding it to the dashboard.

I paid a second time and added my domain again, but in the meantime I received an email “You are receiving this email because you no longer need Pro plan” :frowning:
Both pro subscriptions I purchased were unfortunately canceled.

I paid a total of $40, but here’s where I am;

  • Both payments appear on my invoice (Invoice number CFUSA5739858)
  • The “Subscriptions” section does not show the purchased services.
  • The active domain appears as a “Free Plan” subscriber.
  • Since I am subscribed to the “Free Plan”, none of my messages to the support team are answered.

I’m completely locked out. I’ve been trying for 24 hours, but I can’t reach the support team in any way. (ticked ID #2629801) Is this Cloudflare’s customer care?

(sorry for my bad English…)

I have escalated your ticket.


Thank you for your attention.

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