I was charged $33.03 for transferring in a domain priced at $30.00

I have a .io domain that I just transferred to Cloudflare Registrar. The transfer went successful but the amount mismatched that was listed (and is still listed). Cloudflare shows $30.00 for this TLD but I was charged $33.03 via PayPal. The invoice also listed $33.03. Why is this discrepancy?

May I ask did PayPal charged for some transaction fee amount on the final step of the payment over the Cloudflare price for domain transfer process, if any? (maybe a difference in a currency exchange rate while processing the payment? - just guessing)

If it were PayPal’s transaction fee, shouldn’t that be collected by & listed on PayPal and not Cloudflare?

It could be tax based, depending on the country you are in. Do you have a Billing ticket open about it?

Not yet. Is it necessary to get this sorted out via a support ticket?

Generaly billing issues can’t be sorted in the community as staff cannot discuss account specifics in public here. I can escalate this to someone from Billing/Registrar Support, but they may ask for a ticket instead.

Thanks for all. I downloaded the invoice and saw the extra $3.03 sorted as “Sales Tax”. My confusion has been cleared, so please consider this question resolved.