I was changed my DNS Server and I want to your support

Hi, cloudflare team I happy to say your service awesome. As well before I was host my website at AWS lightsail I’m not satisfy for their service, now changed my hosting server at Hostinger.

Now my question is, When I was using the aws I was purchesed a APO and I succfully connected my bank card also,

As well as, Hostinger providing 2 dns server, for the migration and they providing inside cloudflare setup also, but they recommened QUIC.cloud but I was ignored this myself, this case I so many time try to connect the cloudflare account into hostinger, they are saying

you already connected cloudflare account once you remove website and create new site…

My question? if I’m remove the previous website from the cloudflare and get add my website as new, may I get my previous APO service or not? as well hostinger providing light case server, unlimitted bandwith everything is gone or not? if this gone what your bandwith limitted or unlimitted?

pleas let you know me as soon as we need to change my webite as speed up…

anybody here???

Hi @user16121,

Removing the domain from your account will most likely also remove the subscription.

As you’re already using Cloudflare, why not just edit your DNS records to point to Hostinger instead of using their integration? It gives you more control over your setup and is less complicated to troubleshoot.

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