I wanted to verify my email [email protected] with email routing in place

Hello everyone,

I created a Cloudflare account with the company domain email and transferred my domain. we didn’t set up a mail server yet. I wanted to verify my email by setting up email routing on Cloudflare to redirect emails to my Gmail account. with other incoming emails, the routing works fine and I get my emails in my Gmail inbox. but for the verification email sent from Cloudflare, it’s not working. Am wondering if this is not possible because of security reasons or technical issues.


Check the Known limitations · Cloudflare Email Routing docs.

Email Routing does not support sending or replying from your Cloudflare domain.

Take care!

I just let go of the email routing idea and set up my own mail server. I tested it by sending emails from Gmail accounts and it works fine. Yet when I try to send an email verification code from my account am not getting the Cloudflare verification email in my inbox even though it shows email sent message. I would appreciate any help verifying my account email or changing it to another address.