I want to webp!

I want to give priority to webp in WordPress(5.9.3). What kind of settings are possible?
I have installed [EWWW Image Optimizer], but the webp image is not displayed.

I’d recommend getting in touch with the creators of that plugin specifically, such as via [EWWW Image Optimizer] Support | WordPress.org. Cloudflare will serve WebP images fine as long as your origin server is presenting them.

You may also be interested in Cloudflare’s Polish product, which’ll mean you don’t have to think about optimising images on your origin Wordpress directly, and can just let Cloudflare do it for you as they serve the images to your users.

Thank you cherryjimbo for your response.

I have already used “Polish”.

Before using Cloudflare, webp could be displayed, but after using it, it is no longer displayed.

But just in case, I’ll ask the plugin author a question as well.

Thank you.

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