I want to use this domain as ddns services with my sophos xg firewall

i want to use my doamin registered by Cloudflare with sophos xg firewall in and as ddns services

In this example we’ll use ip.xyz.org to point to our dynamic ip.

In the Cloudflare dashbord:
Navigate to the dns section of the domain xyz.org.
Add an A record with the name ip that points to the ip address and save it.
Go to My profile(upper right corner) and navigate to API tokens.
Navigate to Global API Key and click on View. Enter your password and copy the API key.

In Sophos XG:
Type in the search field DDNS
Click ADD
Hostname: ip.xyz.org
Interface: WAN
IPv4 address: (this depends on your network setup)
Service Provider: Cloudflare
E-mail address: “your Cloudflare login address”
Global API key: “the api key you just copied from the Cloudflare dashboard”

Wait “6” minutes.
The address will be overwritten with your dynamic ip address.

This worked for me.
Good Luck

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