I want to use cloudflare . Look my scenario

Currently i have main domain called boobamba.com its mainly pointed to Server using A record. Domain is handle by Godaddy.

also I created sub domain for my clients. acc1.boobamba.com , acc2.boobamba.com like wise, all sub domains are in same server .

Here is my question. I want to add cloudflare service to my main domain called boobamba.com
I don’t want to add cloudflare service to my client sub domains.

Is that possible me to do that ? Please help me . if YES please explain how to do that .

Cloudflare starts with DNS for your entire domain. Pretty much what you’re already using: a list of DNS records.

To add Cloudflare service to the main domain, that DNS entry needs to be set to :orange: Proxied. To not use Cloudflare service on your subdomains, they need to be set to :grey: DNS Only.

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I setup cloudflare with my domains. after that All virtual hosts are not working . then i removed cloudflare. all domains are working fine. what is the reason behind of that scenario.

That’s not descriptive enough to help. What error message are you seeing?

Knowing the actual domain would also help.

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