I want to use cloudflare ip to use cloudflare

Dear Community
I have a domain winningteam.in which is purchased from GoDaddy and since my compay is a large company and there are many other users to change their dns on it and i can too not provide them my cloudflare account details. I was pointing my ip to cloudflare ip and all was running well but today i received mail that it will be deleted in 7 days as the domain is not pointing to our ns. Please help and guide me.

Thanks in advance

The configuration you have described is not valid.

You could use a CNAME configuration on a Business or Enterprise plan, or register a separate domain for this purpose.

You could certainly set up some API tokens and have your IT department either manage DNS on their own, or create an internal DNS update system using Cloudflare APIs. If this DNS management system is in a subdomain, you can use Cloudflare Access to limit who can access that tool.

Is there option on GoDaddy to add custom ns for particular urls like for only www.winningteam.in or winningteam.in

Cloudflare does not allow this, unless you are on an Enterprise plan.

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