I want to use cloudflare CDN for Managed wordpress hosting


I am rushi and i am newbie in this feild i was using cloudflare nameserver on my site for the CDN and it was working fine but then suddenly problem comes up that i was not able to visit my site it was showing me that typical error of cloudflare which everyone gets ,
then i contact my hosting provider who is go daddy they told me that i am using managed wordpress hosting then why are using other third party name servers on your site then they told me that you are having default CDN option on your hosting use that and change name server to godaddy name sever then your website will work fine
and after that my website started working fine but go daddy CDN is a ■■■■ and i dont want to use that CDN
i want to use Cloudflare CDN without SSL because i already have SSL of godaddy
how should i use cloudflare name server for my website which is hosted in managed wordpress hosting without getting that error which restrict me to login my website dashboard

What error is that? Can you post a screenshot?

If you proxy through Cloudflare, then you’re using Cloudflare’s edge servers which have their own certificate for your domain. But definitely keep your existing SSL configured on your server so you get Full (Strict) encryption.

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Thanks for your reply mate

this is the error which i got last time when i used DNS of clodflare then my hosting provider told me that dont use them otherwise u will get that error plz change it to your hosting DNS to get out of this problem

i want to use Cloudflare CDN without SSL because i already have SSL of godaddy

so you mean to say that change my clodflare ssl setting to full (strict) encryption right

5xx errors are caused by a server connection problem. If you click on “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from the Overview page, does your site load with HTTPS?

Here’s more 502 information:

thanks for your reply

i am not using cloudflare CDN right now beacuse i got that error then

but when i was usig CDN then i didnt pause it after getting that error i just went to my hosting providee to find the solution

yes my site loads with HTTPS

and right now i am using default CDN which comes up with Managed wordpress hosting and i dont want to use that

i want to use Clodflare CDN but i am affraid of , if i again change my DNS to cloudflare DNS i will get that error

i want to use Clodflare CDN without getting that error or any kind of other errror as i am using Managed wordpress hosting

How about using Cloudflare DNS, but use the Pause Cloudflare on Site option from the Overview page. Once you get that set, post the domain and we can take a look.

ok let me try that and once i am done i will tell you thank you

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