I want to use Cloudflare but not the SSL

Hi, i want to use the Cloudflare service (cache, speed, etc) but my website is using LetsEncypt, so i dont want to use the SSL from Cloudflare.

How can i configurate for use the Cloudflare service without ssl?


If you’re using Cloudflare cache/speed/security/etc., your visitors are going through a Cloudflare reverse proxy server.

As such, the reverse proxy server needs a TLS certificate for HTTPS, so Cloudflare issues one on behalf of your domain.

If you want to put your own certificate on the proxy server, you need to have a Business or Enterprise plan.

But your Let’s Encrypt certificate is still an important part of the connection so you get full end-to-end encryption.

What is your reason for not wanting Cloudflare’s certificate?

Because LetsEncypts is free, the free SSL from Cloudflare is using for too many pornsites.

Cloudflare’s certificate is free as well and I am not quite sure about your reference to adult entertainment sites. There might be some behind Cloudflare but their certificates are not related to yours, and even if they were, that shouldnt be an issue.

Bottom line, if you want to route your traffic through Cloudflare you need to use their certificate or sign up for a business plan.

Yes, i have several websites using Cloudflare the free certificate and if you check the details of the certificate you and several sites are using the same certificate, I believe that google can take that as bad, but look at the news of google with Symantec (https://security.googleblog.com/2018/03/distrust-of-symantec-pki-immediate.html)

That is not related in any way to shared certificates.

Another option would be to purchase the $5/month dedicated certificate.

I know, but in just worry.

Paid is another option, im just asking if can i configurate Cloudflare without using his certificate.

Here is a screenshot of one of my websites with shared certificates, almost all sites are scam or porn sites.


Based on?

Yes, you can turn off HTTPS.

Note that this does not affect google safe browsing or search rankings, as they don’t rank or use the certificate SAN’s. If you want to keep your LE certificate, you can disable the CF proxy by setting DNS to :grey:, or you can buy the $5/month dedicated SSL.

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Cloudflare acts as an SSL termination endpoint… that’s how we provide WAF, CDN and speed optimizations. So we have to have an SSL cert on our edge. The options available for SSL are:

Universal SSL: Free
Dedicated Cert: $5US
Dedicated cert w/ Custom Host Names: $10US
Bring your own cert: Business plan or above


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