I want to use a cloudflare worker, but I'm afraid




the first time I want to explain that I have 1 domain with statistics per day more than 4 million hits. this domain contains image assets, and about 70% of hits are crawler crawlers like google bing and others.

I want to use cloudflare workers but I can’t imagine how much I have to pay for each month.

what I want to ask is, do cloudflare workers have a rule to exclude bots from triggering cloudflare workers? or if it is not possible, is it possible for me to be able to request a special price considering that every month I have around 150 million hits.

thank you for all who are willing to answer my problem.


~75$ that is your estimated bill.
Workers will always process for set routes.
Perhaps, you need to limit bots crawling rate, assess why this is happening.