I want to upgrade to pro but i'm using ewww image optimizer

I’m using Ewww image optimizer and I want to upgrade to Cloudflare pro.
my website images are already been optimized by Ewww image optimization plugin. Now can i deactivate Ewww image optimization plugin and use Cloudflare pro.
Does it affect my website?

You can still use ewww with a Pro Plan. I still use an image optimizer plugin on my Pro sites, and Mirage and Polish. Pro plan image optimization is pretty smart, so it won’t interfere with your site’s image optimization if it can’t improve upon it.

why we need image optimizer when Cload flare does the same thing? it is like paying for both for doing the same work.

Cloudflare only optimizes images in the cache. The first hit isn’t cached, so won’t be affected. But once cached, Cloudflare can automatically deliver WebP if it’s more efficient.

Local image optimization also saves disk space.

Regardless, it’s up to you how you want to optimize your images. Most people won’t do it locally and like Cloudflare to handle it automatically.

is it Okay if i remove subscription from ewww image optimisation it will be fine right. does page speed get affected by that?

You’d have to A/B test to find out. I don’t know how Cloudflare image optimization compares to EWWW. Mobile is hardest hit, but Mirage should take care of that better than EWWW would.

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