I want to unregister cloudflare but i have domain

I want to unregister cloudflare but i have domain

Hello, I used English Translator (i am not good at english, sorry)

I am user of cloudflare, A long time ago(1year ago) I transfered my domain to cloudflare domain service
So, I not only use DNS at cloudflare, but I have paid for the domain itself at cloudflare.

but now, i want to unregister my account, can i remove my domain from my account?
I don’t need to use my domain anymore and I don’t want to pay for it by moving somewhere else.

Thank you every one, I am not good at english, sorry

If your domain is on Cloudflare Registrar, please follow the steps here https://developers.cloudflare.com/registrar/account-options/transfer-out-from-cloudflare.
Also, please make sure to turn auto renew off.
Thank you.

They mentioned that they didn’t want to pay to transfer it, as they’re done with the domain.

My suggestion would be to go through each Zone, then click the “Remove site from Cloudflare” link in the lower right corner of the Overview screen.

That will leave you with a mostly empty account, but make sure you have Autorenew turned off, as Gloria wrote. Then you can stop using your Cloudflare account.

Thank you to both respondents.
If so, what happens to the domain registration information?

The domain registration information is now registered in my name, but if I delete it like that, will the domain itself be deleted?

Thank you

Yes, the domain won’t be reachable after you delete it

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