I want to understand why Cloudflare banned my website IP

I developed a website (shared hosting) for my own usage, nobody has credential to access to its services.
From my website I download the RSS feed from several website, from the feed items then I download few pages (10-20 per day) but since a couple of days the page downloads fails due to Cloudflare IP banned.

I don’t have an automated service, I don’t create DDOS attach or spam so I want to understand why my IP is banned and if possibile ask to add it to whitelist.

What I can do?

What is showing a banned IP address? You’re saying that you have a website that pulls data from Cloudlare-fronted sites and your data requests are being blocked?

It sounds like Cloudflare doesn’t like what you’re doing and will not whitelist your address. It would be up to the website owners to whitelist you.

When I visit the page the Cloudflare captcha appears but due to the fact I get it from PHP code I can’t input anything.

I’ve tried to contact the owners but they don’t reply

Thanks for your hint

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