I want to transfer my domain

Hello, good day to you guys.

I need help and guide to perfectly moving my domain from cloudflare to godaddy,
because i have bad experience in cloudflare about the registrant,
it has been 3months since i first submit a ticket, trying to paid for the live chat too but nevertheless still not solved. now i call it a day and move on.

Thank you, best regards

i have read this, i dont understand the part about the auth code, which i dont see on my godaddy dashboard at all. there is no screenshot too on the guide provided.
I’m very afraid i will loss the domain so please help

Please follow GoDaddy’s steps to move the domain here:

If you are not able to add the auth code on their platform you will need to contact their support services for assistance.

hey! thanks a lot!
i think i will try this first,