I want to transfer my domain to cloudflare, hope I will not lose any emails

My website is very slow, I have done series of SEO to rank higher which happened some time but it does not stay longer on google first page, I sensed is the speed of the site. After checking the speed, I have this report “Reduce initial server response time”. Hosting with CloudFlare can help me our? Please i need solution.

Depending on how your site functions the answer to “will CloudFlare speed up my site” is both “yes” and/or “no”.

It really does depend on such a large variety of things that the best way to find out is to try.

You can simply use CloudFlare for DNS and try out parts of your site being proxied and cached and different CloudFlare products and see if you get an improvement.

Your email should remain unaffected because MX records are not proxied but are simply DNS only.

Here is a guide to getting set up:


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Regarding you answer, If I change only the nameserver, my mails will continue working.

Changing nameservers means CloudFlare will handle your DNS.

As long as your current set up is inputted into CloudFlare the same there should be no issues.

I will send you the DNS info from my CF account
you try and confirm if is good.

please see the mail point is not as the others

Your mail should be an MX record not A and there are known issues when using the same IP for your proxied A record on root and your MX record.

meaning i should go ahead and make the changes?

Your screencap can’t be how your MX records are set in your host, double check those settings

I checked no MX records. MX is empty from my cpanel

and you are receiving email fine?

perfectly well. My hosting platform is Java oriented.

hmm I am unfamiliar with email using methods other than MX records.

Someone else may have more experience with this kind of integration.

I do not know but from my cpanel, all the MX are empty.

@whistles please regarding the optimization, it was successful and the mails are working perfectly well. please. I have try to check the speed status, is still on the previous point. What exactly could be the challenge?

Regarding speed CF will cache what it can and that should improve load time for a large part of your site (regularly viewed images, html, js etc), but if it needs to call back to your server for things that can only be sped up serverside.

If you (for example) run a WordPress site you could definitely see speed improvements with APO or on the Pro Plan, and even on the Free Plan with cache everything (not the admin area obviously) you should see some improvements.

If running a static site you could look at Pages or Workers Sites which would run entirely in “the cloud”.

greetings. till now no updat from CF, the site is still slow from my end.

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