I want to transfer my domain from cloudflare to squarespace


Please could someone help me urgently, I am trying to transfer my domain from Cloudflare to squarespace but I can’t seem to transfer it. Please could someone give me easy to understand step by step guide on how to do it as I’ve contacted support and they don’t seem to understand. Surely people do this everyday.

Squarespace are asking me to unlock my domain and then for the key

I would really appreciate your help as I’ve been asking for help for over a week now from Cloudflare support and I thought it was a simple thing to do

Hi @oraclegoddess, if you go into the zone’s overview page (the default one when you open the zone) and if the website was last transferred more than 60 days ago (ICANN regulations) in the right column, near the bottom you should see a “Transfer Out” section. Click on “Unlock”.

Hi Matt

I can’t see that but I do see Domain Registration on the right hand column and it says Status - Unknown Registrar unknown expires March 20, 20121 is this because I’ve tried to transfer to squarespace. I can’t see what you were mentioning at all and I’m looking at the main page where it has all overview, analytics etc

Thanks so much for your help really appreciate it

Would it be a problem sharing the domain name?

Your domain isn’t on Cloudflare Registrar. It isn’t even on Cloudflare as DNS.

You have both NS1 and Squarespace nameservers, which isn’t a working configuration.

You need to go to your registrar.

How will I find that out as crazy domain who I purchased it from says it’s with Tucows,

Really appreciate your help Matt

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That is not something I can help you with… You should know where you buy your domains from.

I bought it from crazy domain who I’ve spoken to this morning and they said they don’t own it

Oh, Crazy Domain is a registrar… Can’t help you unfortunately, Cloudflare is not Tucows, they don’t have anything to do with your domain.

Ok thanks so much for your help

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