I want to transfer domain. Payment is failing

I am trying to transfer a domain.
When I am making payment it is failing. Not able to do payment.

Following error is coming.
An error occurred while processing the payment hold.

How to proceed?

Hello there,

Would you try other methods using paypal or using different card?

If payment hold, you may contact the cc vendor.

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I did it from Card 1. It failed.
I tried from Card 2. It worked.
Now when I am doing from Card 2 again, same error is coming.

If the error persisting, you may create a support ticket from your account.


Hi @kb0000 I see your ticket with Support and the instructions from the agent. If you have set up the account using a credit card, the recurring monthly payment will fail due to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) restriction and you will receive a failed payment notification. Please go to your dashboard and make the payment manually. Please note, this is happening with credit cards and for recurring payments only. If you are still not able to make a payment, kindly let us know so we can investigate by replying to the ticket 2654727.

Did this suggestion help? In case you are not able to use a credit card, we advise you to add PayPal as a payment method.


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