I want to revert to my previous DNS provider

I want to remove my DNS from Cloudflare, free version and revert back to my old DNS provider

You just set the other nameservers at your registrar and you are good to go. Optionally you can remove the domain from Cloudflare too.

Only thing, if the domain itself is registered with Cloudflare, then you won’t be able to change the nameservers and would first have to transfer it to another registrar.

Thnks as a NON TECHIE can you explain in more detail or screenshots:) please

You would need to talk to your registrar about this. They need to tell you where to change the nameservers. Cloudflare really is not involved in all of this.

I only moved DNS

You just need to move it back, as I described in my previous posting.


remember that I cant sign into word press backend after the DNS change

That is irrelevant here, you need to make that change at your registrar as I already mentioned. You need to contact them and clarify with them how to do that and which nameservers to set.

How do I find out who my registra is?

The place where you bought the domain? Where you configured Cloudflare’s nameservers?


Current 4. Add Cloudflare’s nameservers
Click to copy
Click to copy


Not sure what that is, but what I said here still applies.

I am afraid there’s not more to suggest.

You probably need to set these other nameservers you just posted.

I get that just tell me to click here , do this etc. You guys work with this all day I don’t and to get someone access is …


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I am afraid that’s way beyond the scope of the forum here. This is not a Cloudflare related issue and if your registrar can’t help you might want to ask for assistance at StackExchange or Reddit. But your registrar should really be your primary contact.

How do I close Cloudflare and get back that is all I am asking. I only moved because I own a few shares and wanted to test is but obviously not for free users

Optionally you can remove the domain from Cloudflare too??? How share a screenshot where to go etc and you will never see me again

Removing the domain can be done from the Overview screen, at the bottom right. But it’s really an optional step and not necessary. You only need to change the nameservers.

that I understand but I can find out where. Thanks anyway one lost website

Can you post a full page screenshot of the Overview screen?