I want to return my website

I want to return my website to it’s original hosting location and change everything back so I’m not using ClourFlare. What do I need to do?

I already changed the Nameservers for my domain on GoDaddy. Aside from this, do I need to do anything else to have my website simply return to working as it did prior to my pointing things to Cloudflare?

Please let me know if there’s anything additional that I need to do.

And how long should the process take after I’ve changed the nameservers back to their original ones.


To stop using Cloudflare, you’ve done the first step by setting the nameservers back to the original ones with GoDaddy. The other step is to remove your domain from the Cloudflare dashboard (it will be removed automatically over time after the nameserver change).

Propagation of nameserver changes can typically take up to 72 hours but often happens more quickly. After this, your website will function as it did prior to using Cloudflare.


Thanks. Just a follow up question. Would my website not work properly (from the other location) UNTIL I remove it from the Cloudflare dashboard (or until it is automatically removed)? Is this required in order to get it to work properly? Or is it just something I “should” do, but this step wouldn’t effect the site from working properly after the propagation? Just curious. Thanks, Gary

That is correct, once propagation is complete your site should work.

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Thanks. Perfect!

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