I want to report a fake Bitcoin mining machine website

hello if I would like to report a fake Bitcoin mining machine fraud trade website ,i has been fraud a big amount money from that website , how can i directly contact to the support team? i try report to abuse report but it’s have some problem when i try to put information on it , does anyone know how to contact with support team? i am pretty hectic about it thank a lot for answer my question

I assume you mean cloudflare.com/abuse. I am afraid that is the only way to contact them, if you have difficulties it is best you try clearing your browser data or in private mode. Alternatively you can try another browser profile or a whole different browser.

yeah i tried that one but it will stuck at evidence URL that part when i submitted it

But that domain is actually not active on Cloudflare. It points to Cloudflare nameservers but does not have any DNS records. The error message is accurate.

that fraud group is very tricky and smart , that website don’t have any phishing or malware but just a fake Bitcoin mining machine trade website they scam my money from real Bitcoin website , then covert USDT unit into their fake mining machine platform to buy that fake machine

but i use a website Check rating tool say that the hosting provider is with CloudFlare

  1. Cloudflare is not a host.
  2. The domain only points to Cloudflare nameservers but without any records.
  3. The domain won’t load in the first place.

here are some photos i use whois website check tool get some search result from that fake website

I am not quite sure what you are trying to say with these screenshots. Everything I wrote already covered that.

Did you read my response at all?

then from those photos i sent you , which part is key point if i want to find that fake website location?

The domain is currently not going through Cloudflare. You can report it once it does.

hey Sandro sorry i had something busy how to send private message here? and if those screenshots doesn’t show hosting provider , how can i find out what is that fake website is?I really need to find out that fake website’s location and more information about it, thank you so much

Again, the site is currently not active, hence there is no hosting provider either.

Please do not open more than one thread. I temporarily re-opened this thread if you need any further clarification, but there really is nothing more to be said. The site is not active and there is no hosting for now. Should there be then you need to follow the mentioned steps.

so that is meant i can’t do anything with this…?

i don’t have any way can find out something from it…?

There is nothing to find out, there is no site in the first place.