I want to remove this screen "Checking your browser"

I want to remove this screen “Checking your browser” .

I have turned off the security setting to “under attack mode”, but it still does not go away.

What should I do?

What is your site’s security setting set to? As far as I know, only ‘under attack mode’ will show this screen.


Security Level is “Essentialu Off”.
This is how it is set in the PAGE rule.

Only the top page is under attack.

Is there any other way?

Checking your browser" is displayed on pages other than the top page.

If you’re enabling under attack mode via a Page Rule for your domain, then you will still see this screen.

The only way to remove it is to disable under attack mode. You should only use this security mode when your site is under active attack, as the name suggests.

Only the top page is being attacked, so no security is needed except for the top page.

Is disable under attack mode is Security Level is “Essentialu Off”?

I’d recommend using ‘high’, unless you’re under attack.

The “Checking your browser” message does not disappear even if I set it to “EssentialuOff”.

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