I want to remove the ''checking your browser before accessing...'' page when users enter my link

I have changed my firewall setting from medium to essentially off and this issue started happening. I have changed it back to medium, but it still carries on.

I would be grateful if someone recommends how to change that back to normal, without users coming across a ‘‘check your browser’’ page but directly entering the page.

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Does anything show up in your Firewall Events Activity Log? I’d expect to see some sort of Challenge entries that would show what’s triggering that.

Hi ,

Off the Under Attack Mode

That’s set by the Firewall Setting they’ve adjusted to be “Essentially Off”.

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Yea, I have never turned on the ‘‘under attack’’ mode. Dont think that is the issue.

No, I checked the logs. Nothing.

What’s the domain?


I’m unable to replicate this. It loads for me, and FoS loads it from everywhere but South Korea:

Did you get a ‘‘checking your browser’’ page before the page came up?

No It is not showing i think you can mark any reply of this as solution

Hi, I have the same issue. and UAM is disabled. Any help is welcome

This is the issue

Yes, I have the same one

I have resolved the issue by disabling "Bot fight mode"under Bots Tab in Firewall Section.

Were you seeing Firewall Events log entries that showed Bot Fight mode challenging your IP address?

Great! Mine was already disabled though :confused:

Now I check it, a lot of logs show up on my firewall events tab.

I logged into DDOS Protection tab and set rule of making the DDOS dynamic essentially off.

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