I want to remove all settings of my domain on Cloudflare

Hi, i am trying to connect my domain to Shopify. I tried Cloudflare for that and not worked. It was SSL pending error. Than i transferred my domain to Godaddy and connected automatically in Shopify. So i removed domain from my account. But it still not working. I text Shopify help, they said that your domain still has settings on Cloudflare. That’s way it didn’t worked. I need to remove all settings of my domain on Cloudflare. How can i do it?

My ticket id is: #2254664

Shopify has an Enterprise plan with immediate high-level support. They’re capable of clearing this up through Cloudflare Support, so ask them to do so. After all, you’re paying them for a service that should work. They shouldn’t make you do their work for them.


I contact with them. They doesn’t solve it.

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