I want to refund my business plan, how can i do?

i buy a business plan,
but in china , it’s very slow.
it’s too slow to use.
i want to refund my business play,
how can i do it?

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Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. I’m sorry to hear that the Business plan is not meeting your needs. Self service plans are sold on pre-paid basis with a monthly term. There is no provision for refunds of self service term billing. To prevent subsequent billing, you can cancel your current plan.


but in current month , i can’t use it any more,it’s too slow to use it.
i must refund current month’s business plan

Please describe the issues you are having, and the community can try to help. With the business plan, you can also a support ticket.

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the CDN speed is very slow in china.
sometime, the connect is more then 2s.

so i change the domain ns to the chinese cdn server.
the Cloudflare cdn is too slow to use in china
so i can’t use business plan any more.
so i want to refund the current month business plan

The Cloudflare China CDN is only a part of the enterprise plan and requires work to set up docs. To understand the billing policy, check out the support document: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025829831-Cloudflare-Billing-Policy#12345680.

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yes, at today,i know the enterprise plany can use in china,but the business plan is can’t use in china.
so i must refund the business plan

Please refer to the link the @epic.network provided on canceling subscriptions.

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there are 2 things.
1\ canceling subsrptions, i’m done;
2\ refund current month’s business plan, (
it’s not my cause, it’s Cloudflare can’t use in china. so i want to refund it

Again, follow the link to cancel current subscription.

Refund are out of community control. You can open a billing ticket through the dashboard to see if they will refund out.

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