I want to redirect my domain to wix.com

Hi, i want to redirect my domain to wix site. How i do? i must redirect Cloudflare to wix. how must to be dns record? I dont know. Please help me. There are wix’s dns record in my hand. But how is must be dns record in Cloudflare, i dont know. Thank you.

Hello there, you can set it through the page rules. For a brief understanding, check this article.

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According to WIX, they don’t support Cloudflare:

I understand. So, what do you recommend for resolved?

@bilalyaver If you are planning to redirect from example.com which is in Cloudflare to example-1.com (which is at wix) is possible and it works. May be officially not supported probably!

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Depending on your expectations, if this is a free Wix site, like username.wixsite.com/sitename, the redirect instructions @neiljay linked to is a similar explanation to the following:

If you want your Wix site to show up as your own personal domain, it would be best to use Wix name servers:

The Pointing method is an option, but there’s no real reason to do so when it’s much easier to just use Wix DNS.

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Thanks for sharing.!

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