I want to re-route traffic from xyz.com to xyz.world for 24 hours only - urgent

Dear all,

I am looking for some urgent help to re-route all traffic to our shopify website “xyz.com” to a godaddy website “xyz.world” for just 24 hours. What is the easiest way to do this on cloudlfare?

the shopify website “xyz.com” is hosted on cloudflare and the godaddy site “xyz.world” is hosted on gogaddy nameservers

Please help. Thanks.

Create a redirect, then turn it off when you are finished.

Create a redirect rule here…

Copy this example, just changing the host names and select 302 “temporary redirect” instead of the default 301 “permanent redirect” to avoid long caching of the redirect by browsers…

Then you need to create a DNS record for @ here if one doesn’t already exist…
…using a proxied dummy value of A or AAAA 100::

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what should the @ record consist of?

as in the name of the @ record should be “xyz.com” (this already exists) or should it be the destination name “xyz.world” ?

Normally for a permanent redirect you’d use a dummy value of (or AAAA 100::), but as this is just temporary, as long as the record is a valid IP address and it is proxied then it will be ok.

You just need something so the request resolves to Cloudflare (not or one of the Cloudflare proxy IPs though), after that it is ignored as the redirect takes over. As this is a temporary redirect you don’t want to change it from your origin IP (but it must be proxied for the redirect to work).