I want to migrate my website

Hii, I want to migrate my website from clouflare to siteground. Please help

First, how does it regard Access, since you put it in that category?

Second, how can you “migrate” a website from Cloudflare even though Cloudflare doesn’t do hosting (excluding specific cases)?

Do you want to migrate DNS? Then simply change the NS at your registrar.

Hii matteo
Can you help me?
I have purchased domain from from godaddy and hosting from Cloudflare
Now I need to migrate my website to siteground what should I do?

I highly doubt you have hosting from Cloudflare… via FTP?

From Cloudflare the Hosting cant be offered, maybe the DNS Service, but this again is not standing in any contrast to siteground. So switching from CF to SG does not make sense as soon as you do have any problems with DNS