I want to know Vulnerabilites in my website

My website is always under attack . a hacker keeps editing the files in my file manager and PHPmyadmin. I changed my nameserver to Cloudfare own. I thought it would stop .but the hacking still continues. I contacted Namecheap support , they scanned the domain , but no virus was found .I have changed my password so many times .
Please what might be the cause ?

Cloudflare doesn’t close back doors on sites. You need someone to investigate the hacking on your site (looking at logs, PHP code, etc).

Until then, you could try putting your site in Under Attack mode, but if it’s a person at a computer accessing your site, that’s won’t stop them.

okay, thanks . can you recommend me to any person or company I could meet

Honestly, unless you can afford somebody to actually inspect your website (>$1000 and over depending on the depth that you need and the number of affected pages), I wouldn’t bother too much seeking online help, cheap solutions will most likely run known to exist scanners and other available tools, which isn’t bad but it might be too basic in most cases.

From the way that you are describing the issue, I would take a blind guess and say that it’s a backdoor due to using untrusted plugins or a cracked version of a paid addon. If that’s not the case, it might be a vulnerability of whatever CMS you are using.

There is a known vendor that claims to do malware cleaning for free, I used them in the past and didn’t have the best experience, but who knows… maybe it works fine in your case?


okay , thanks . can you send me any of their contact

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