I want to know the subdomain is servicing & config by cloudflare

I want to know the subdomain photo._____.com.tw is service & config by cloudflare.

Is that your domain?

Yes, it is , but we also hosting our DNS by another vender.
After as our vender they said,that they only hosting the www domain, but not sure the photo subdomain.

That domain is using Cloudflare DNS (name servers), but the ‘photo’ subdomain is not proxied by Cloudflare. It’s a direct connection to the server.

‘www’ and the apex domain are proxied by Cloudflare.

Hi Sdayman,
thanks for your response.
So the www and subdomain is using Cloudflare 's name service, if I need to change the photo subdomain’s ip adress, will need login to Cloudflare’s console to modify , right?
Thanks for your info. and help.

Yes. Since you’re using Cloudflare DNS, you will have to use the Cloudflare dashboard to change that subdomain’s DNS IP address.

Ok I see, thanks for your quick response & support. :slight_smile:

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