I want to know digitpatrox.com is linked to which email address

i want to know digitpatrox.com is linked to which email address. i have removed digitpatrox.com from
[email protected] email but, still it was showing that this domain is already linked to other email account (DNS is already hosted by cloud flare)

i want to know digitpatrox.com is linked to which email address. please remove my domain from cloudflare. i can’t raise the ticket in cloudflare.

i even deleted my cloudflare account still it was showing the same please help me.

i created new account just to post this

You’d have to try the “Forgot your email?” link from dash.cloudflare.com.

You really don’t need to. If you go do your domain registrar, you can point your name servers somewhere else, and that will effectively remove that domain from Cloudflare.

Sir, I have changed the nameservers 8months back and i removed my domain from cloudflare and changed to my hosting provider nameservers. still it was showing DNS Already exists.

i check the domain register website and it was showing my hosting provider nameservers.

i want to know where or in which account digitpatrox.com is available.

i cannot contact support and i can’t raise the tickets. please help me

Hi @sheiklalshareef,

What is the issue you are having that means you are trying to do this? Are you trying to activate Cloudflare through a hosting partner or directly, or do you just want to remove Cloudflare from your site?

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yes i’m trying to add cloudflare through hostinger then it was showing this error

That domain is currently using dns-parking name servers, so it looks like you should be able to demonstrate enough control over that domain for Support here to clear that up.

Email them (support AT cloudflare DOT com) from your current account and explain the situation. It’ll auto-close the ticket, but post the ticket number here to get that ticket reopened.

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