I want to increase

I want to increase overall performance of my website by improving it’s core web vitals. Can I please, get to know how cloudflare will help in achieving it and get some examples of websites where it has got improved.

Cloudflare can help improve your website’s core web vitals by optimizing delivery and reducing load times through its CDN, caching, and optimization features like minifying resources, image optimization, and mobile optimization.
We suggest going through our learning paths starting here to learn more: Get started on Cloudflare · Cloudflare Docs
Optimize site speed · Cloudflare Docs

For examples of improved websites, you can check out case studies https://www.cloudflare.com/case-studies/

I want to take a look to any of the jekyll site being migrated to Cloudflare and it’s speed has got improved, Could you please, help to get more information about it.