I want to increase my website speed

Hi support team,

As I have checked, you have mentioned that the top websites like Loreal, IBM, and many others are using Cloudflare. But what I have checked on the GTmetrix page speed is that all these websites have a grade of C or D. I want to confirm that the grade of my website is already a C or D. So can you improve my website’s grade from C or D to A or B? if yes, then how?

Here are my website links: https://www.trakop.com/ and https://www.waterdeliverysolutions.com

Please reply to this as soon as possible so that I can proceed.
Waiting for your reply!

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It appears that yes, Loreal does use Cloudflare. I tested the site using both GTMetrix and by loading the site in a browser. The site loaded oh-so-snappily. The GTMetrix test was done from Canada (where I am not) so I’ll take that with a pinch of salt.

According to the server header on the IBM website, AkamaiGHost is used.

GTMetrix rated https://www.trakop.com/ and https://www.waterdeliverysolutions.com as an F.
And according to GTMetrix, even the Cloudflare website scores a C.

Have you tried testing using PageSpeed Insights too? Always a good idea to compare the results of multiple services.

In real-world testing I see Loreal and IBM sites load almost instantly while https://www.waterdeliverysolutions.com I observed a sizeable pause before something was visible (let alone usable) on screen. This isn’t always solved by simply serving a site from a CDN, but structuring the document and assets loaded in an optimal way.

Could using Cloudflare help your site(s) load as quickly as two of the world’s biggest companies? Possibly. Is it going to help you get an A score like the Google homepage? Probably not—at least not alone it won’t.

But I don’t work for Cloudflare, and I only started using the Internet a week ago, so I probably don’t know much.