I want to hide my server's ip

Hello everyone, I have a vps hosted on my home,

I have several sites on that vps, and I would like to hide the full ip address of the server, is there any possibility?

All answers are welcome, I already use cloudflare, but if you look closely you can see the ip address of the server, and by default my physical address and I would not like this, thank you verry much :slight_smile:

Those are impossible to hide once they’ve been exposed. And if that server sends out email, then it’s impossible to hide.

The appropriate solution is to block all non-Cloudflare traffic to the VPS by dropping any connections that don’t come from the list at cloudflare.com/ips

Again, if that server does more than web traffic, you’re pretty much forced to expose your IP address.


verry good ideea but the ip was exposed alredy… :frowning: what do you think?

Best solution is to use cloudflare tunnel and lock down the incoming requests


“How do I protect my lock when the attacker has a key to it?!” - You don’t.

If you have access to ACL rules, then make your IP irrelevant by isolating your server to only relevant traffic; the alternative would be switching the IP.
Dropping packets from your server has the bottleneck of your CPU and public bandwidth that you have contracted with your host. Overall, a bad idea if the attackers have a somewhat robust botnet/server(s).

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hey, but who said anything about the attacks?… the idea is that I don’t want anyone to know where the server is located because I don’t want to know the country of origin of the site. It’s not about something illegal, it’s just that I don’t want them to know the country where the site is hosted

Unless you’re going to move to another country, that ship has already sailed.


Hi, I’ve been trying to get this Argo tunnel running since yesterday … no hope … I’m getting different messages … either 503 … or 502 … how to set it up … i use whm … and i also use ssl … litespeed

what should i do or what should config.yml look like? thanks

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