I want to go with Pro package

Hi am using now free plan. i want to buy pro plan, is there any difference in pro and free plan CDN? i asking for only CDN. i already know pro plan security policy.

i checked Argo Routing, is it best to go with Argo using the free plan with out buying pro plan?

Which Resource will reduce my site TTFB?

Pro plan will allow you to benefit from more data centers, that reduces latency. You also get some CDN priority over free plan, better TCP connections, more websockets connections, get access to polish that will optimize your images, Enhanced HTTP/2 Prioritization, and more… Argo can help with TTFB and connections issues.

That means pro is pro.

some one said the pro plan CDN is same the free CDN. i was so confused for that

Argo Routing - When I tried it, it didn’t make a huge difference. But the only way you’re really going to know if it’s worth it, is to test.

No. You will get various benefits by upgrading to pro, not only more rules for firewall, etc…

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I use Argo and it makes my websites faster.But every case is unique, some people will simply not benefit that much from Argo.

Argo Smart Routing gives you a new set of IP addresses. From my experience, these IP addresses are routed similarly to those given to Enterprise zones. This means you will be able to leverage most, if not all, of Cloudflare’s network.


Does Cloudflare provides another unique IP for the pro plans? i checked, the free plan server ip and location is Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands (NL) IP is something like there is millions of sites hosted.

any benefits in IP’s or server location?

I’m not sure about that, since I never tested it when I upgraded my sites.

For this case, Argo is a good bet.

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