I want to give cloudflare access to subsubdomain and use zerotrust on subsubsubdomain

I want to delegate only a subdomain to cloudflare, for example I received the right to

only and not
itself, and I want to use zerotrust tunnel for my applications, but I also have multiple location and multiple machine, so I want
is that possible?

(I’m sorry if it has been asked already, but I failed to find any answer for it)
(I might be repeating or cause misunderstanding, I want to delegate a zone to cloudflare, not the whole domain (it can even be subsubdomain instead of the subdomain that was given to me) and from it I want to use subsubsubdomain for zero trust, there are plenty of reasons to use subdomains like country level tld (

)that’s why when cloudflare only allow domains and not sub domains makes it hard to use with domains like this)