I want to discontinue use of subdomain and redirect it to my main domain

Hi y’all!

I want to discontinue using a subdomain that we have in Cloudflare that was previously used for a link shortening program called “Click Magick” and want to just forward ALL traffic that goes to ANY of the URLs for that subdomain to a landing page we’re creating on our main site.


Q1. Would I set the CNAME Target that’s currently configured as the screenshot below to the Domain Name of my main site?

Q2. There are about 1,100 URLs that were previously created using ClickMagick and I want ALL of those to be redirected to a landing page. So after the CNAME is updated, would I create a page rule with a WILDCARD to send all URLs from the subdomain to the landing page I’m creating like the image below?

Or is there a better way of handling this?
Or am I missing a step?

Thanks so much for the insight!

It needs to be proxied, but as you redirect everything already on the proxies it does not really matter where it points to. #Tutorials has dedicated tutorials on that.

Pretty much it. The question is do you want these paths to be forwarded to the new URL? If so, you’d need to include the captured part of your first wildcard in the new URL with $1.

Again, #Tutorials goes into details here.

Ah, so I would turn on the orange cloud & update the target like this:

And then for the redirect, I would want all the URLs that are associated with the subdomain to redirect to the landing page beadventurepartners.com/our-links

So when you say include the $1 as part of the wildcard, would it look like this:

I’m not sure how to find the #tutorials you speak of (I’m real green to Cloudflare :slight_smile: )

Thanks so much for the help!

If they should all point to the same URL you do not need the variable and the wildcard is enough.

Apparently the forum has a bug and can’t link the tutorials link

It is this one Tutorials - Cloudflare Community

Yes, they’ll all go to the same URL. Thanks so much for your help! Consider this case, closed!
– Brian

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