I want to Create subdomain for https://www.vapes-bars.com this domain which is https://www.vapes-bars.com/worldwide this. I already set CNAME for that with name of worldwide i want your help for that

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As you’ve already states, worldwide.vapes-bars.com CNAME record exists. So I’m not entirely sure what assistance you require.

How to point new server for this subdomain.

If you want the subdomain to go to a different server than the root, change the IP address of the A/AAAA record to that of the server.

How to point subdomain A record for different server?

I don’t wont to change root server the main domain is in shopify website and subdomain i want to point diffrent server were is the wordpress website i want to run

I didn’t tell you to change the root domain.

You set an A record for the subdomain worldwide with the IP address of the server where WordPress is running.

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How to set but? I don’t know about that.

like this?

That looks pretty good, but only put worldwide for the name.

If you need help understanding how to create and manage DNS records check out the documentation


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Is this right ?

When i try to save it given error for me

You need to remove the CNAME record before adding the A record.

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can it is possible to create subdomain like main_domain/subdoamin ?

You can’t have a / in a (sub-)domain or an _.

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can i use now this subdomain for my website? can i transfer my website on this subdomain?

What do you me by transfer?

If the server/WordPress installation is correctly configured then accessing the site is as simple as typing worldwide.vapes-bars.com into a browser.

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