I want to create a Cloudflare page, but don't want it to auto-deploy after I create it!

Ok, so I have this GitHub repo that I’m creating to fetch my website! Unfortunately, I haven’t completed it yet, but I want to create a Cloudflare page using the repo WITHOUT auto-deploying it after I create it (because I know a fetch attempt will result in an error, likely 404)! So I want to disable the auto-deploy after I create it! Is there any way to do that (besides aborting the deployment AFTER it starts)?

You could create two branches in your git repo: main and dev, the config Cloudflare Pages to trigger on the main branch merges.

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Main could be relating to the website fetch

Dev could be referring to other stuff (besides the website fetch)

This is the config section on Cloudflare Pages.

And that can be configured before the initial deployment, right?

I’d just let it fail deployment… It isn’t a big deal. Either don’t add it yet or just let it fail and it will be deployed when it works.

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True, it’s not like it’s the end of the world if it fails! I mean, I could add it once it’s completed after it fails initial deployment (which it will cause there aren’t any files on the repo yet!

Also, what would the run and build command be?

just leave them both empty and set them when ready.

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