I want to connect with the human to solve DNS problem of my website

I checked my DNS server it’s updated but i cannot still access my domain i can access from my another computer but its not working properly i cannot upload my themes or or work yes i acces the by default template on my phone but i can can customize a theme or posting

I’m trying to get help for my Cloudflare account, but there is no way to contact them? How do I contact a human?

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

You took the first step to contacting a human by posting here. If you share more details, such as your domain name and what specific issues you are facing, including action taken, as well as expected and actual results, the Community can often assist.

If you really need to talk to an expert, you will need to find and hire a consultant. Here is a detailed description of the support options offered by Cloudflare.

@epic.network my domain name is serrurierparis.online now i face this iisue i contact with the domain provider they says this issue is solved by the cloudflare.

This looks like you need to update your DNS to use the IP of your webserver. It appears to be using the IP of GoDaddy’s parking page right now.

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