I want to connect to the nearest server using cloudflare

I currently have servers in Japan, Korea and Singapore.
The port on the server is 25565. I want to connect the user to the nearest server when connecting to one domain using Cloudflare. How can I do that? is it impossible?

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That is up to your ISP → Peering - Why don't I reach the closest datacenter to me?

Also, the port you mentioned would not work on Cloudflare.

sandro. Thank you for your reply.

ISP is my ISP (server)? Or ISP of the user?

What is the best alternative I can choose? I’m going to use google gloud.

ISP of your users.

Well, generally connections should go to the nearest datacentre, but you never have a guarantee. There are cases where connections are routed to farther locations, but that comes down to routing decisions where Cloudflare is only partially or not involved.

Also, if you want to use the port you mentioned you could not proxy through Cloudflare anyhow.

Yes. I set it like the image above, but port 25565 does not communicate via cloud flare.

When you first get the address of the server, it gets it through the cloud flare DNS.

Users and servers will then connect directly without going through the “cloud flare”.

That is, you only use the cloud flare DNS when you read the address, after which the user and the server are directly connected.

My mission is to let the user load the address of the nearest server through the Cloudflare DNS system.

Is it impossible to do so with a DNS system?

I am not sure about your setup. If your records are :grey: you can use any port you wish, but requests wont go through Cloudflare and instead to your server, so there is no discussion about “nearest”. If records are :orange: they will go through Cloudflare, in most cases the nearest datacentre, but you cant use that port.

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Thank you for your kind answers. I honestly did not know that I was going to reply quickly. thank you. I will go on a journey to learn more information to solve this problem. :slight_smile:

I would start at https://support.cloudflare.com

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