I want to change nameserver from 2nd hosting to cloudflare. need guidance

I have my wordpress domain in siteground, but Its nameserver are pointed to “interserver” web hosting and all of website files are there. Now I want to activate cloudlflare for my website, and it will be done after changing nameservers to cloudflare.

My question is that my domain is already pointed to another hosting where my website files are hosted and If I change the nameservers through “siteground” to cloudflare for CDN activation, will my website work according to the WordPress website files present in interserver hosting?

Please Guide,

Cloudflare is not hosting provider, it does the reverse proxy. You can activate Cloudflare directly on SiteGround’s Site Tool without changing the nameservers. SiteGround will manage your DNS. Cloudflare will provide the full features on the CDN infrastructure.

Alternatively you can change nameservers to Cloudflare to have your site fully managed by Cloudflare. Here is how you can add your site to Cloudflare. Your website files will still be hosting at SiteGround but traffic gets proxied through Cloudflare.

Hey Ella,

Thank you for responding, I really appreciate that. I would like to clarify that my website nameservers are already pointing from sitegroung to “interserver hosting”. what I want is when I change the nameservers to cloudflare, my website should be operated through the website files present in interserver. Is it possible?


I believe you’re trying to say that SiteGround is your domain name registrar, and InterServer is your web hosting provider. And, you want to change the nameservers in SiteGround’s DNS control panel from InterServer to Cloudflare?

Yes, if you change your nameservers from InterServer to Cloudflare, your website files will still be present at InterServer. The site will be operated from the files hosted at InterServer.

Web hosting provider and DNS provider can be two different companies, that’s totally fine.

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