I want to Auto-renew my domains 1 day before expiry (not 1 month before expiry)

I want to Auto-renew my domains 1 day before the expiry date (not 1 month before expiry).

Add this option!

This is unlikely to ever be offered as a feature.

The risk that something fails during the renewal (a technical failure, payment failure etc.) and there is not enough time to rectify the issue outweighs any financial benefit to the domain owner by not making the payment until the last second.

I have seen some registrars do their renewals 15 or 21 days early, which seem reasonable, but one day would be unwise, perhaps even reckless.


I meant as an additional option (1 month earlier can be a default one)
How about 10 days early?
If the payment fails then Cloudflare can send an Email to the customer’s account (I check Email every 5 hours).

Its the problem of the customers. If I’m okay with that then what’s the problem with Cloudflare? I use a Credit card and it never fails from my end. It has a high credit limit. I’m aware of the expiry date of the card.

Also, I have to use my Credit card here at Cloudflare since my Debit card isn’t working here. I have checked both HDFC and Axis bank debit cards.

Only Credit cards work and I can see that the currency conversion charge is a bit higher on the Credit card than the debit card.

Yeah, it is not a big financial benefit for few domain renewals.
I just like to save money in all possible ways!

Let’s take $10 as example and an exaggerated annual interest rate of 0.5%.

With that example you will save less than half a cent ($0.004 - and that does not include capital tax yet) if Cloudflare renewed your domain later at the risk of that renewal failing. Even if you had one hundred domains that would amount to about fourty cents. Again, without capital tax and an exaggerated interest rate.

Yeah, it is not a big gain.
But adding all the small things in our life and compounding may be a difference.
I live in India and so no capital tax for me and here I can get interest rates as high as 10%

My Namecheap hosting will expire on October 15 but I planned to renew it only on October 14. My credit card due date is today, I just paid the bill yesterday (never missed a payment).

With stocks you might get 10%, not with savings account.

Not even half a cent won’t add up :slight_smile:. Bottom line, as Michael said, there is little point here and it is better to renew early on, otherwise simply disable auto-renewal.

Bonds do pay more than 10% here and some savings account here pays 7%

I agree.