I want to approve add my domaine to cloudflare

i have a Godaddy domaine name
how do i over come this problem i already connected the cloudflare nameservers with my domaine and it still pending why?

What’s the domain?

From Godaddy: epistolagency.com

That domain is not registered.

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I didn´t understand could you tell me more. cause it´s been 2 days that I bought this domain from Godaddy

Then you need to contact your registar. Your domain is currently available for registration.

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what but i´ve payed 12$ on it. please could you tell me what to say to them.
bro please help me man, I´ll appreciate it.

Afraid you need to clarify this with them.

can you please write me a message, cause my english is not that very good:

Depending on your location, your registrar does offer support in different languages. You can also use a translation service. I am afraid, as long as the domain does not resolve it cannot work on Cloudflare either.

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thank you
I appreciate you a lot

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