I want to add another URL www.homesector.eu to redirect to homesector.eu. How to?


My website is with URL homesector.eu. How can I add another URL with www.

You want to look at Create a subdomain from the DNS documenation.

As you are connecting the domain to Shopify, have a read over Connecting a third-party subdomain to Shopify.

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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I get error.

Because a record already exists as I have highlighted from your screenshot.

You only need edit this record, not create a new one.

That’s what I’m doing, trying to edit the record and change the Target and gives me error


Looking through the shopify documentation the correct target is shops.myshopify.com. I also believe this needs to remain un-proxied.

Not working… Can someone from Cloudflare come with a solution

You are entering an invalid value. Do not put in a https:// or trailing /.

shops.myshopify.com is valid
https://shops.myshopify.com/ is not valid.

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Now i successful updated the DNS ! Will inform you if everything went good with Shopify. Thank you !!!

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