I want to add a new site

When I try to add a new site, I get the same error as the picture. I made an inquiry through the email in the error inquiry, but I didn’t get a response.

What should I do?

The domain looks like it’s a spam domain, probably because your account is abusing Cloudflare.
Try logging in again, create new account with different IP, use Chrome/FireFox browser with default settings
That’s all you can do to fix it yourself

Domains are currently purchased from Cloudflare. What should we do with the domain?

If you purchase a domain from Cloudflare, it will automatically be added to your Cloudflare account. Check out your dashboard

Can I use it if I sign up again after leaving the membership? If so, how should I relocate the domain?

Do you have the authority to manage your domain name?

yes yes

Did you email abusereply as suggested in the message?

I think you should send email to abusereply to make it clear.

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